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Bracing 101

Dynamic orthoses have been on the market for over 30 years now and are a proven vehicle to improved wellness for patients who use them. Dynamic orthoses offer improved functionality, provide better control, and promote enhanced patient compliance through their designs and the materials used to manufacture them.

Solar System® AFOs makes these designs available to you and your patients. Our orthoses are custom made to your patient models and are as individual as the person wearing them. We treat every patient like they are our patient, and each brace we manufacture is an extension of our company.

What makes an orthosis “dynamic” ?

This is a question frequently asked to use by individuals and professionals alike. Regardless of the name you use – Dynamic, Total Contact, Dorsal Wrap, Tone Reducing - there are several features which are inherent to the design of “dynamic” orthoses. These include:

  • Softer, more flexible materials which contain and control the extremity but permit loading and unloading of the extremity in a more natural and functional way.
  • Dorsal closure (plastic wings or extensions) which wrap around the instep of the foot and ankle to maintain the desired position and distribute pressure over a larger surface area.
  • Modifications to the plantar aspect of the brace which increase proprioceptive feedback to the plantar surface anatomy and increase comfort and compliance when using the orthosis.

What makes Solar System® AFOs products different?

We understand that you have choices when it comes to selecting who manufactures your custom Ankle Foot Orthoses. At Solar System® AFOs we strive to work together in a team environment because we understand that it is this co-treatment strategy which produces the best outcome for the patients –Physician/Orthostist/Therapist/Parent. We listen to your needs as orthotists and we understand that orthosis designs sometimes require customizations which fall outside the standard product features, so we work with you to produce orthoses tailored to your practice or patient populations. Also, we strive to incorporate new and innovative features and materials into our orthoses and stay abreast of developing trends which impact orthotic treatment of patients.

Our Products Revolve Around You!