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The success of any treatment plan includes the home.

Parents, caregivers, and loved ones provide support and encouragement and are an integral part of any rehab team.   They also provide a solid foundation for the disabled individual and they offer positive reinforcement outside of the clinic setting.

It is important that the everyone involved understands the importance of “filling in the gaps” so that there is carryover following therapeutic modalities.   For this reason, the more information you have, the better prepared everyone is to face challenges which may arise during the course of everyday life.    The use of your orthoses is no exception.  

Solar System®  AFOs wants to be able to offer information in such a way that is easy to understand and easy for you to access.  This includes:

  • What products are most appropriate for your particular condition
  • Clinicians and facilities which offers Solar System® products
  • What to expect when you are using our products
  • The evaluation and casting process
  • How to fit your Solar System® device
  • The best type of footwear and socks to utilize
  • Recent developments and new designs